We’re excited to bring industry experts, performers, demonstrators, developers and more to Name Your Game Expo! We have a busy two-day schedule ready for our inaugural year, so take a look at our confirmed panelists to map out your convention weekend!

Saturday, October 5, 2019

All panels will take place on the Salon A Stage in Stoney Creek Hotel and Conference Center.

11 a.m. – Create Your Own Game with Makecode Arcade

Join Microsoft for Create Your Own Game with Makecode Arcade! In this two-hour workshop, we will teach you the basics of coding your own game! Seats are limited to 20.

1 p.m. – The History of Overwatch

All of our favorite heroes have backstories. Come sit with Black Lotus Cosplay and get a refresher – or learn – about the heroes and villains of Overwatch!

2 p.m. – Creating Your Gaming Podcast

Have you ever wanted to start podcasting about your favorite game? This panel is designed to help give you all the steps to getting started, where to look for hosting, recording solo or with guests, editing software and editing tips for anyone wanting to get into podcasting. Hosted by Jonathan Sugiyama.

3 p.m. – So You Want to be a YouTuber

If you want to be a YouTuber, if you’d like to get more views and subs on your channel, or if you simply enjoy YouTube gamers, come listen to Brett Weiss. He’s already learned a lot from his quickly growing “Tales From a Gamer” show, and he’d like to pass the information along in a fun and breezy format! He’ll reveal how he got into YouTubing, the experience that almost killed his passion for making videos, and how you can grow your channel. A Q&A will follow.

4 p.m. – SCREENSHOT: A Video Game Trivia Show

Three lucky contestants will compete in a three-round video game trivia contest to see who knows the most about video games from the NES through today! It’s fun, fast-paced and might even teach people something they didn’t already know. Hosted by Tony Miller, Ethan King, Joe Faber, Shannon Rifenberg of Procedurally Generated Entertainment.

5 p.m. StarShine Brigade Performance

Come cheer on your Oklahoma idols, the StarShine Brigade! They are ready to dazzle you with covers of some of your favorite video game songs, featuring classics like “Snake Eater” from MGS3 and “Suteki da ne?” from FFX.

8 p.m. – SuperFight Debate!

Could Solid Snake take Duke Nukem in a fight? Could Magneto defeat Braniac? What about Voldemort vs. Darth Vader? Come to the SuperFight debate panel to find out! Your favorite characters from gaming and beyond are pitted in a death match and the audience will decide who wins! Hosted by Rob Wayne.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

10 a.m. – Kaizo Warrior

It’s a game show that will test your ability to clear four difficult Mario Maker Courses for the title of Kaizo Warrior! (Think like American Ninja Warrior just inside Mario). One life, one opportunity for greatness! Hosted by Quality Controller.

11 a.m. – Game Master 101 & 102

OKgamers will present different and varying perspectives on Game Mastering to help initiate new GMs into the hobby. From 1e D&D way back with Gary to publishing a gaming system right here in Oklahoma, our panelists will have some diverse perspectives, but that’s part of the point! No GM is the same. Hosted by John Rondeau, Taron Pounds, David Moore, and Peter Adolphsen.

12 p.m. – Dungeons and Dragons 5e: A Discussion for New and Old Players

This panel, hosted by Caleb Wilson, is an introduction into the game of Dungeons and Dragons, specifically the Fifth Edition! Learn some of D&D’s treasured history and the inspiration for it. Learn about the overarching ideas of the game and how you can go about playing it. The second half of the panel will be a question-and-answer segment!

1 p.m. – History of Persona

Sparked from a spin-off Super Famicom game, the Persona franchise has grown into a beloved JRPG franchise that, besides six mainline entries, has spawned rhythm games, fighting games, dungeon crawlers, anime features and series, live concerts, novels, manga and more. As Persona’s popularity and library continues to grow, the legacy of the series can appear intimidating. This spoiler-free panel will walk through the history of the Persona franchise, looking at the stories of each game as well as the production behind them. All are welcome to join; series newcomers and Velvet Room veterans alike. Prizes will be awarded to a few lucky attendees not afraid to embarrass themselves. Hosted by Shelby Coulter.

2 p.m. – Minecraft Hour of Code

Join Microsoft for this free 90-minute workshop where we will teach you how to write code and help our friends Steve and Alex collect all they need for their adventure! Only 20 seats available!

3 p.m. – Game Design and Building

Game building live demonstration using Scratch and Javascript, hosted by Ashley and Morgan of Code Ninjas Tulsa!

3:30 p.m. – Tulsa Game Developers

Come join the network of the Tulsa Game Developers! If you have never made a game, this is a great place to start. If you’ve already started a game, bring it by for others to test it out. All ages welcome!

4 p.m. – How to Make Your Cosplay Go According to Keikaku

An interactive Q&A style panel for cosplayers of all levels to gain insight on various techniques, group cosplay dynamics, and personal anecdotes from Portal Productions Cosplay, a team with more than ten years of experience combined!

5 p.m. – Question-and-Answer with Marcus Mauldin, Voice Actor of Brick from Borderlands

Join us in welcoming Marcus Mauldin to our mainstage! The voice actor for Brick from the Borderlands series will host a Q&A about Borderlands, his journey as a voice actor and video games!