This year, we are bringing three of our escape rooms to Name Your Game Expo! They are of varying levels of difficulty and employ a variety of puzzle types that will entertain both the novice and experienced escape room player.

All of our escape rooms are included with your NYGExpo admission! No additional purchases!

The Mega-Kitty Lab (Beginner Difficulty)

You and your group have been recruited by hyper intelligent cats that need your help locating the research of Dr. S. What will you do when you discover the truth behind their kitty plots? Will you return the research or try to escape the mega-kitty lab?

The Midnight Library (Medium Difficulty)

You’ve snuck in to a library looking for dark secrets, but the bad guys are on their way. Find the passphrase and escape before the time runs out. Will you spend all your time trying to escape or will you take time to learn the library’s dark secrets?

The Bunker (Medium/Hard Difficulty)

A group of militant weirdos thinks one of your group is a psychic. So, they’ve locked all of you in a bunker while they try to figure out which one of you will be executed. Do you turn on your friend or raid the armory and try to fight your way out? This room offers two difficulty levels, you can stop before the last puzzle and still succeed, but that means that one of your friends doesn’t make it out alive!